"Roxanne Wants Your Cock"

June 19, 2021
You know it will always be a good one when I'm around... You won't just get to look at my beautiful lips. You won't just get to jack off to them. Not to mention adore their plumpness and cherish their skills. You will actually get to fuck my mouth. Yes. Fuck my mouth with that fat cock of yours. As a matter of fact, you will even be able to circle the tip of your dick on my lips. Oh yeah, I know how horny that makes you. You will feel my fingers touching you softly. And the best bit is... You will shoot your load straight on my tongue. Between my lips. In my mouth. And it will drip out of my suckhole for your viewing pleasure. But I will keep some of it so it can ooze out of my plump lips when I'm done with you... Yes... YES... Let me